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Ways to Reduce the Original Asking Price of a Property You Intend to Buy

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Ways to Reduce the Original Asking Price of a Property You Intend to Buy


If you decide to buy a property, you want to find the perfect place without the need to pay a lot of money. You need to negotiate with the owner to ensure that you will not walk away with a massive sum of money to pay on your mortgage.

Owners are willing to talk to you about the price if you show interest in buying the property. Make sure that you know what to do so that you will get a fair deal. These tips will help you.

Start with your lowest possible price

There is nothing wrong with hoping that you will get the property you want at the lowest possible price. You might feel surprised to know that some owners are willing to hand you the property based on your first offer. Some of them are desperate to get money and walk away. Therefore, even when your proposal is a lot lower than the original market price, the owner might still agree to it. If not, you at least have a low starting point.

Outstanding repair issues

Most owners are open to telling you the problems that you might face if you decide to buy the property. You can ask an expert to put a price tag on any repair issues so you can ask the owner to deduct the repair costs from the original price of the property. If the owner is not honest about these issues, you need to walk away. There could be other looming problems that you are not aware of and will surprise you once you decided to buy the house.

Be an attractive buyer

You need to show that you are the perfect buyer especially if other people are also offering to buy the property. The best buyers are first-time buyers who are not paying any other mortgage. If you can offer to pay in cash, it would be more acceptable to the owner. You also need to prove that you have a stable income source.

Stay calm

Avoid threatening the owner that you will walk away if you do not get what you want. It might work during the initial negotiation phases, but the owner will reach a ceiling point. At that time, none of the threats will work. Therefore, you need to stay calm and continue the negotiation until you reach an agreement. You do not need to end up in a shouting match since it will only worsen the negotiation process. You can let your agent negotiate on your behalf if you think you are unable to control your emotions in such situations.

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