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Reasons Why It is Difficult to Hire and Retain Physicians


Reasons Why It is Difficult to Hire and Retain Physicians


Hiring employees is a daunting task, but it is even more difficult in the healthcare industry. Whether you need to hire physicians or other healthcare providers, you will have a hard time. These are some reasons why it is such a huge challenge.

The supply is low

Unfortunately, not so many people study to become doctors. Considering the length of time required to enter the profession, most people would instead go for other careers. While some graduates have already started working and earning, medical students have to keep studying. Add to that the cost of studying in a medical school.

Physicians want high pay

Again, considering the cost of going to medical school, it is reasonable for most physicians to be picky about finding a job because they want to receive good pay. It does not apply to everyone, though, since there are physicians who are willing to work in rural areas despite the low pay. If you can find these physicians who are in the profession not because of money, you are lucky.

Physicians can go into private practice

The problem with being an employee is that it requires being in the workplace for a certain number of hours. Some people hate a job that does not offer flexibility. It is even worse for doctors who might have to do the job in the middle of the night because of emergency cases. It is why some doctors prefer going into private practice. They want to control their time and be with the people they want to work with, instead of reporting to hospital management.

Most of them are not actively searching

When you post a job ad online, you can expect people to start submitting applications soon. From the candidates, you can ask some of them to come over for an interview and decide whom you will hire for the job. It is not the case with physicians. They usually do not actively search for a job. Therefore, it is a challenge locating those who want to fill the post in your organization.

There are better offers all the time

Even if you successfully hired a quality physician, you might not retain that person in the post forever, especially if another hospital or clinic swoops in and offers higher pay. Word about the quality of doctors quickly spreads. If people know about it, the hospital administrations will know too. As such, they will try their best to attract the said doctor to work for them and take them away from their current employer.

It is tough to find and retain physicians, but you need to be patient. You can also partner with recruitment firms like https://mascmedical.com since they can help expedite the search for qualified doctors. They know what to do to help you.

Even if it is challenging to look for quality physicians, you still need to work hard to have the best people for the job.

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