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Things to Do When Employees Feel Gloomy and Unmotivated


Things to Do When Employees Feel Gloomy and Unmotivated


Your employees might not feel good about their job when they feel gloomy and unmotivated. They might only be doing the tasks because they have no choice. They want to keep their job, so they try to do things they’re not passionate about. As a leader, it should sound the alarms. You can’t keep things this way. You want your employees to have the energy needed to do the job and be productive. These are some of the actions you need to do if you start to feel a lack of motivation.

Privately ask the employees

You can’t just have a meeting and ask everyone why there’s a sense of gloominess at work. You can’t expect an honest response. Besides, every employee may be going through something. You can only get an honest answer in a private conversation. Therefore, you need to find time to call a few of your employees into your office to discuss these issues. You will then know what’s going on, and what you can do to be of help.

Take a break 

Perhaps, it’s time to take a break. Everyone might feel burnt out. There was a recent deadline that you tried to meet or a huge milestone that the employees had to work hard for. You can allow the employees to arrive late for work the next day. It might not be enough, but it’s a sign that you care.

Another way to give everyone a break is by hosting a fun activity. You can organise a funfair with the aid of experts like https://www.wearetricycle.co.uk. The good thing about this type of event is that everyone can relax. There will be food, games, rides, and many other attractions. Since you can rely on someone else to host the event for you, it won’t take a lot to get things done. The funfair also permits the employees to bring family members with them. It might be an exciting activity that will bring back their passion for doing the job.

Change your attitude

It’s possible that everyone feels stressed not because of the job, but because of you. It might be high time that you change your attitude. It would help if you were more compassionate. Avoid bossing people around. Instead, you have to help your employees in doing their assigned tasks. Compliment them if they do something great. Don’t hesitate to apologise if you’re wrong. When you start to change the work environment, it could help improve the mood of the employees.

It could be a blip

It’s also possible that the employees have individual issues they are dealing with, and you happened to notice it. You don’t have anything to worry about. The issue might not even be about work. Give them time to sort out their problems, and they will be back to normal soon. However, if it takes a while, it could be alarming.

Hopefully, this is just a phase, and things will be better in no time. You want your employees to be physically and emotionally healthy to perform their jobs well.


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