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The Real Reasons Some People Are More Sensitive to EMFs Than Others


The Real Reasons Some People Are More Sensitive to EMFs Than Others


The human body has a template and our physical anatomies usually operate in the same way. We all possess the same organs and we all run identical cellular processes. We need the same things to survive. But no two humans are precisely the same.

You can see this in terms of genetic predispositions to disease, and in food allergies and sensitivities. You can also notice this in reactions to EMF radiation.

What are EMFs?

EMF radiation is also called electromagnetic field radiation. Electromagnetic fields or EMFs come from electrical devices like cell phones, computers, routers and TVs. Power lines also emit EMFs. Experts claim EMFs cause health problems. These issues range from tiredness and depression to cancer and infertility. But not everyone suffers from the effects of EMFs in the same way. While everyone can potentially be affected by electromagnetic radiation, some people suffer from electrosensitivity, meaning the effects of EMF radiation are more pronounced.

What are the Symptoms of EMF Sensitivity?

Many EMF sensitive sufferers report the same symptoms. These include body aches and generalised pain, tingling skin, nausea and dizziness, fatigue, headaches, stress, and flu-like symptoms. These symptoms increase after long-term exposure to EMF radiation or close proximity to the source of EMF radiation. Electrosensitivity can be difficult to diagnose or pinpoint, given that other diseases and conditions also produce these indications. It is also difficult to diagnose this sensitivity as the condition is not widely accepted by the medical establishment.

Evidence for Electrosensitivity

Recent studies show that people who report a heightened electrosensitivity in connection to EMFs also present brain abnormalities. Other studies show that the symptoms presented by electrosensitive sufferers are similar to those experienced by people who have been exposed to toxic chemicals. In fact, many people presenting with electrosensitivity symptoms also suffered exposure to chemicals in the past. This suggests that neurotoxic chemicals and EMF radiation work together to heighten symptoms.

Gender Split for Electrosensitivity

There is another significant risk factor in electrosensitivity: your sex. Women are much more likely to suffer problems with electrosensitivity than men. Experts are not sure why this should be the case. More research is needed to establish a link and a probable cause. However, it is clear that biological differences result in chromosomal and cell disparities, which could leave different sexes with differing dispositions to electrosensitivity problems.

How to Deal with Electrosensitivity

It is difficult to treat and manage cases of electrosensitivity to EMFs when the condition is still widely unknown and unrecognised. More research is needed to highlight the magnitude of this disorder and to suggest ways in which it can be avoided or treated. However, you can minimize the impact of electrosensitivity by using effective EMF protection. Protection includes limiting the duration of exposure to EMFs, physically shielding the body from the radiation, and increasing the distance between the source of the radiation and the human body. As scientists reveal more about electrosensitivity, take every step you can to inform yourself of this ailment and its potential treatments.

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