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How You Can Best Consume and Ingest CBD Oil


How You Can Best Consume and Ingest CBD Oil


You may not notice it, but we are in the midst of a CBD oil revolution. CBD oil has been purported to treat a variety of conditions, from anxiety and stress to insomnia, chronic pain, epilepsy, and even acne. And whilst we still need to know more about this amazing compound – how it works with the human body and what it can really do for us, just to name a few – we all know that since it is a natural supplement, it has a lot of potential for those who don’t want to take excessive amounts of pharmaceutical drugs. But there are different ways to take or consume CBD oil as well. So what’s the best method, and what method would work for you? Here’s how you can best consume and ingest CBD oil.

The four main ways of taking it

There are different ways of taking or consuming CBD oil, and these are as follows: you can either inhale it by vaping or smoking it, you can apply it to your skin as a cream (the topical method), you can take it sublingually by placing it underneath your tongue (as a tincture), or you can ingest it by eating it as an edible, such as a candy or gummy.

  • Vaping or smoking

You can consume CBD oil in concentrated form with the use of an oil rig, which is like a water pipe. You simply place the concentrate in a special chamber, and this chamber is heated up. This will produce smoke, which you can then inhale. On the other hand, you can also inhale CBD by vaping it using a vaporiser pen; this works for those who are already used to smoking and inhaling.



  • Topical creams or balms

Another way through which you can consume CBD is by applying it directly to your skin as a balm or cream. For those who aren’t too keen on smoking or vaping, this method proves to be the easiest, especially since you don’t need any unique or special knowledge or tools. You just need to find out the best dosage for you, then apply it onto your skin. This is best if you have sore muscles or muscle pain, migraines, and acne.

  • Sublingual

You can also buy CBD oil as a tincture, and for many users, this is the most potent way of consuming the supplement. The tincture comes in a small bottle (much like an eye-drop bottle), and you can then simply place a few drops of the oil underneath your tongue. You will have to hold it there for about 30 seconds, however, just to ensure the full effects. It is also an easy method for those who are doing it for the first time, and it doesn’t require any tools or special skill or knowledge. You can also have some fast, long-lasting CBD oil effects when you make use of this method.

  • Edibles

Finally, you can take CBD in the form of edibles, and this is the easiest way for those who don’t want the taste of the oil. You can take it as gummy or candy form, and it’s a discreet method as well. It may take longer to take effect, but the effect can last for a longer time, too.


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