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How You Can Plan the Best Garden Wedding in the UK


How You Can Plan the Best Garden Wedding in the UK


Many brides- and grooms-to-be (well, let’s face it, it’s more brides than grooms) have the dream of a garden wedding, and there are a lot of reasons why garden weddings have always been a popular option. Garden weddings have a certain magic to them, and the aesthetic appeal of such a wedding is very obvious indeed. But if you are in the United Kingdom and are dreaming of your own garden wedding, it’s not to say it isn’t possible – it will just be a little bit more challenging than most. There’s no time to fret, however – you can still have your dream garden wedding, and here’s how you can do it right.

The basic rules

If you are planning your wedding in the months of May to September, then a garden wedding is definitely possible. But did you know there are special rules for planning such an event? The basic rules aren’t that difficult to follow, but it does pay to know them. According to regulations, one of the legal requirements of having an outdoor garden wedding in the UK is that your ceremony is still held inside a permanent structure which is immovable, with solid flooring and fixed roofing. The structure should also be big enough so it can accommodate you, a couple of registrars, your witnesses, as well as a table which is big enough for the paperwork you require to be prepared. The good news, though, is that your guests can simply witness your ceremony from an outdoor setup or garden.

The top factors you should consider when you are planning your outdoor or garden wedding:

  • If you are checking out venues and trying to figure out if they are good enough for your outdoor or garden wedding, see if they can offer you a back-up plan or place in case the weather turns wet, cold, and rainy, as recommended by the expert party planners Oxfordshire from Oasis Events.
  • If you’re getting married during the truly hot season and you want your guests to be comfortable, make provisions for the setting up of electric fans around the premises and make sure they are positioned strategically to benefit all your guests. Alternatively, you can choose to hand out fans or have baskets with fans ready so guests can pick them up once they arrive. Parasols should be provided for older guests as well.
  • If you are planning a grand wedding with many guests, make sure you have the proper audiovisual equipment, especially microphones, as your guests may not be able to hear you with the noise outside. Amplifiers are also recommended if you are planning to play music.
  • Whilst an outdoor venue is fantastic, you may want to avoid scattering petals on the aisle in case they are blown away and make a mess, and ensure that any candles you use are protected as well.
  • If you are faced with weather that’s too hot, it would be a good idea to provide your guests with carafes of chilled water or flavoured cold drinks at the ready, so they can refresh themselves (and you can avoid guests suffering from heatstroke!).
  • An alternative to a completely outdoor wedding would be a wedding within a tent, and you can easily set up a tent in a garden so you can have both the outdoor and indoor elements you need.


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