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The Most Important Aspects You should Remember when Selecting an Accent Chair


The Most Important Aspects You should Remember when Selecting an Accent Chair


We all know how functional an accent chair can be, and if you already have more than a few accent chairs in your home, then you, too, know how great it can make a space look and feel. But whilst there are a lot of choices in accent chairs out there, you still need to be sure that you are choosing the proper one for your space, especially if you don’t just want the space to look aesthetically pleasing but would like to provide your guests or family members with extra seating as well. The dilemma is, with so many options, it can be downright overwhelming to take your pick. Here, then, are the most critical aspects you should remember when selecting an accent chair.

  • The material

The material matters, and for this, you have a lot of options. But in order to help you select the right material for your chair, consider how you would like to use it. Will you be using it regularly, such as at night when you want to relax after a long day? Or will it see infrequent use since you are simply planning to place it in your foyer? You also have to think about the mood or ambience you would like to create with your chair, which will definitely be affected by the material.

Materials such as plastic, wood, and metal are great if you are looking for something low-maintenance and easy to clean, so they’re ideal if you are planning to place your accent chair in your dining area or kitchen. Fabric is another good material for chairs that will not be frequently used, but if you’re thinking of using the chair on a daily basis, then synthetic leather or natural leather (a more expensive option, but undoubtedly elegant) are durable and better for everyday use than velvet.

The kind of material you choose will also affect the feel of the chair; soft materials such as velvet, leather, and cushiony fabrics can make the chair feel inviting and warm, whilst materials such as plastic and metal exude a ‘colder,’ more industrial feel.

  • The style of your home

Think about the style of your home as well. This is the fun aspect of selecting modern chairs because it is based on your own personal style and preference. Regardless if you have a bohemian, ultra-modern, traditional or country-style, or Scandinavian-themed space, you will find the correct chair for your home’s theme. But even if you don’t need to relegate yourself to one particular theme or style, you still need to make sure that the chair can at least connect in tradition and style to your space’s current elements.

  • The cohesive look

Whilst the style of your home and the chair’s material are important, you should also ensure that your chair helps you achieve a cohesive look. You would need to tie the area together, whether it’s by reinforcing an existing theme or colour or introducing a new silhouette or pattern. On the other hand, you may also use an accent chair to add extra contrasting colours, materials, and styles compared to the room’s other elements. For example, if you add a modern chair to a traditional space, you can update the room and make it feel more contemporary and fresh.

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