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Why Glamping is Becoming the Go-To Activity of the Younger Generation


Why Glamping is Becoming the Go-To Activity of the Younger Generation


Camping is a traditional activity everyone knows about and has probably experienced at least once. Camping certainly has its innate charm; you can spend a lot of time in nature, basking in its beauty, and you can spend some quality time with your friends and family as well. Camping also allows you to get fresh air and benefit from the peace and quiet only the mountains, woods, and forests and far-off lakes and beaches can bring. But what about another activity that is quite similar to camping but which comes with even more benefits? Glamping is campingnow a go-to activity for the younger generation, and those who are not too keen on battling mosquitoes or sleeping on the hard ground have gone for glamping as well. But why is glamping so popular nowadays? Here’s why glamping is becoming the go-to activity of the younger generation.

An array of benefits for health

A lot more people today – even those who are in their teens or twenties – are becoming more conscious about their health, and rightly so. We all need to take care of ourselves, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. And with glamping, you can take care of not just your physical needs but also your mental and emotional needs as you become one with nature. More people are going for that healthy lifestyle and making certain lifestyle changes that ultimately benefit their well-being, and the charge is led by the younger generation.

This is why glamping is becoming ever more popular because it can help people relax and clear their minds, get some exercise, and spend time with friends. Those who like camping like glamping even more because at the end of a day of hiking, biking, walking, or trekking, they can go back to comfortable accommodation that allows them to fully relax, and they don’t have to worry about sleeping uncomfortably or dealing with how to cook tinned beans.

The attraction of glamping and staying in a comfortable cottage, hut, and more

While there will always be camping aficionados everywhere, there are those who have quickly seen the benefits of glamping. Let’s face it – glamping does away with the discomfort often associated with camping, and it can give you those creature comforts you are used to without the stress and hassle. Younger people are attracted to glamping and staying in comfortable cottages, huts, tee-pees, safari tents, such as the beautiful safari tents UK glampers favour, from manufacturers like Bond Fabrications Ltd. It allows them to escape, be comfortable, and be themselves while enjoying nature at the same time.

The proliferation of social media

Today, almost everyone has a mobile phone or other gadgets which let them stay connected. And while camping and glamping are a way to escape from the daily stresses of our lives, a lot of us still like staying connected with friends and loved ones, even while we are away. This is why a good number of campgrounds and other camping and glamping facilities have available WiFi and better signals for mobile phones. What’s more, a majority of those who camp or glamp are young people, and most of these young people like sharing their camping or glamping experience on social media. When they share these experiences, other young people see it, hence making it a more popular activity for the young.


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