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How To Renovate Green Areas With Playground Equipment For Children: 5 Basic Points


How To Renovate Green Areas With Playground Equipment For Children: 5 Basic Points


Children have the right to adequate and inclusive public spaces for play and recreation, so the recovery or renovation of green areas by installing attractive playgrounds for parks is essential to promote community development, improve living standards and reduce crime.

One of the most problematic aspects of children’s relationships with urban areas is the obstacles for them to play freely and safely in public spaces. City councils and neighbourhood associations have the responsibility of improving the physical and social space of their inhabitants, especially for children.

The experts at houseofplay.com explain that to optimize recreation centres, it is not enough to just buy outdoor children’s play equipment for a park or other green area, a series of fundamental points that characterize successful play spaces must be considered before planning the playground.

Here are 5 essential points to consider in relation to developing such play areas:

  1. Play equipment must be well located and accessible

It is useless to place swings and slides, or other kinds of children’s play equipment in areas that are difficult to access. That is, it implies a risk for children to reach them, such as crossing busy streets without pedestrian crossings, or that the play equipment does not have ramps that allow the free movement of people with different physical capacities.


The ideal is to invest in playgrounds for parks or other green areas that are located in safe and busy areas for the community, and especially close to where there are plenty of children.

  1. They offer a wide spectrum of experiences

In addition to traditional children’s play items, recreational spaces of this kind must have facilities that promote sport and offer various recreational experiences. This can be achieved by including stationary exercise equipment and various modules for different kinds of activities.

  1. They meet the needs of the community

Consider that the play spaces have additional needs that go beyond the children’s playground. For example, benches for resting, spaces from where adults can monitor children, drinking fountains, garbage cans, public toilets, etc.

  1. They allow integration

It is important that a children’s play area allows children of different ages to live together in harmony, as this coexistence is essential for their proper development. For this reason, it is recommended that play modules, games and activities that are not exclusive for any age range be integrated into the space.

  1. They are sustainable and receive adequate maintenance

The play areas should be adequately integrated with the natural elements to avoid deforestation or the destruction of the natural surroundings which might prevent the installation of playground equipment and other furnishings of the park.

In addition, children ‘s games and amenities need clear signs indicating ‘correct use’ and must receive periodic preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as safety reviews.

There is a wide variety of safe, durable and high-quality playground equipment available to suit all ages and needs. Such installations can help revitalize and bring new life to parks and public spaces.

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