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The Top Reasons Why Bespoke Wardrobes with Mirrored Doors are a Brilliant Choice


The Top Reasons Why Bespoke Wardrobes with Mirrored Doors are a Brilliant Choice


When you have decided that the best solution for items like clothing and accessories is to have your very own fitted wardrobe, it can be exciting to plan and design it. Fitted wardrobes are entirely customised and bespoke – which means that you can have one designed that’s just the proper fit for whatever items you have. But whilst opting for a fitted wardrobe will undoubtedly be one of your best decisions regarding storage space and you can choose from a wide variety of features as well, more and more customers are opting for mirrored doors for their fitted wardrobes. So why are mirrored doors so popular, and what benefits can they bring? Here are the top reasons why bespoke wardrobes with mirrored doors are a brilliant choice.

A chic yet classic appeal

Whether you have a traditional-themed bedroom in a country-style or your bedroom is modern and minimalist, you can benefit from mirrored doors for your fitted wardrobe because they can easily fit in with any style and theme. Mirrored doors are the ideal complement for any bedroom style because they are simple and sleek and you can use them as a statement piece as well. Mirrored doors will always be an elegant addition to your bespoke wardrobe and they will instantly make the room look brighter and airier and give the illusion of space.

Better lighting for your room

Speaking of brighter and airier spaces, there’s no doubt that when you opt for mirrored doors for your bespoke wardrobe, you can achieve better lighting for your room. Mirrors reflect light, as we all know, thus contributing to better and more enhanced lighting for the area. Even if your bedroom only has one small window and not much natural light to speak of, you can make it look brighter with the addition of mirrored doors. You can also enhance the functionality of your mirrored doors by adding lighting fixtures to illuminate them, such as spotlights or downlights. This way, you can see the space more clearly and make your room brighter in every way!


Make the room feel more spacious

As installers of built in wardrobes in Manchester, My Fitted Bedroom know that interior designers love using mirrors to add the illusion of space to smaller rooms and areas. Mirrors, after all, can trick our minds into thinking that a small space is much bigger than it is simply because it reflects light. If your bespoke wardrobe has full-length mirrors, this can even make the ceiling look higher since it can draw the viewer’s eye up towards the ceiling.

Save space

Before any of us goes out for the day, we want to make sure we look our best. A mirror in the bedroom is crucial for this purpose so you can check your outfit before you go out, you can groom and style your hair, try on an outfit to see how it looks, and so on. Full-length mirrors are even more ideal because you can see yourself from top to bottom. When you have mirrored doors on your bespoke wardrobe, then you can save additional space because you no longer need to place mirrors that take up space on your floors or walls.


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